Walk at Haus Poroman

So I discover that Brandon is also a keen photographer, and we decide to hit the hills and take some photos. The 4 of us (Brandon, Michael, Seb and myself), head up to Haus Poroman (means literally "House of Friends"), a lodge about 20 minutes outside of Hagen, with a great view down to the Waghi Valley.

At the lodge, we head down a steep trail into a gully looking for a well known waterfall.

We find the stream, and a smaller set of falls next to a larger set, and Brandon and I then go to town with our cameras.

After a while, Michael and Seb are bored waiting around for these obsessed photographers, and Michael decides to do a Tarzan act.

However, as any keen photographer knows, it takes more than that to put us off our snapping.

But eventually even I've run out of things to photograph, so we head back. Of course, true to Mt Hagen style, the bridge always has a few gaps in it.

Back at the lodge, it's lunch time, and we run into one of the local residents:

As well as another couple of MAF families enjoying the outing.

On the way back to Hagen, we take a detour to a hilltop for some views, and to meet some of the locals.

Of course, the road was up to the usual fine standards.

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