Days 4 - 6: Linux Training at MAF

Each morning at 7:05, we take the MAF bus from the compound to the MAF offices.

Bonn and Sam are the local IT support folks for MAF.
Here's Bonn, next to the server cage in the IT support room. Note the spear that is strapped to the front of the cage. Every sysadmin needs one...

The offices are also the engineering support and hangers, so there is a constant buzz of planes, and engineering activity.

Training is going well, but the range of skills and experience is very wide. I'm enjoying talking about Linux, and the possibilities that are present with these folks. We talk about the One Laptop Per Child project, and the revolutionary impact this would have in PNG in the village schools. The communication challenges are significant. Some 40 or 50 systems connected on a local LAN all use a single 33Kb modem for Internet access, and that works only some of the time because the phone lines are often down. For this reason, MAF are about to install a satellite dish for reliable access.

Last night the power went out, and has been out all night and this morning. The water is also off. Whilst blackouts are not uncommon (I'm told), it is unusual to have the power off for so long. Hopefully it will be restored sometime today.

There is a rumour that I am going flying tomorrow. After hearing stories from the pilots, I am not sure this is a good thing or not.

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